Are these puzzles challenging and confusing? Sure they are!
That's what makes them so great.
The people who solve logic puzzles can't get enough of them! There is plenty of space in this market to get your puzzles into and selling fast!

But that leaves you wondering if they are just too hard to make.

Does it take a genius to make these puzzles?


Anyone can make these puzzles. As long as you approach them in a logical manner! (pun intended). Once you see how they work, they are easy to make.

Logic Puzzle Mastery has full training that shows all you need to know to create these exciting grid logic puzzles! The software creates the grids and the categories. You just fill in the clues (training shows how)!

Why wait?
This market is full of passionate repeat buyers!
The competition is low and the potential to earn big is real.

The leading books in this market are making
hundreds and thousands of dollars each and every month.

There is plenty of room in this niche. I see all the time how much people love these puzzles. Ask anyone! But who is making them? Just a small number of publishers. This is your golden opportunity to get a foot into this exciting market!

Logic puzzle books are raking it in on Amazon:

What about creating logic puzzles in a certain niche?
For example:
  • Bible Logic Puzzles
  • Sports Logic Puzzles
  • Logic Puzzles For Retirees
  • and much more!
Get a new angle in your niche with logic puzzles!

Here's what is included in Logic Puzzle Mastery:

Grid Logic Puzzles:


Word Tetris:

Symbol Math:


  • Grid Logic Puzzles - The most popular type!

  • Nonograms - use logic to figure out the the patterns

  • Symbol Math - Figure out the answers from pictures instead of numbers

  • Word Tetris - A challenging mix of Crosswords and Tetris

  • Kid Level Puzzles

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product,
you may return it for a full refund, within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
What type of computer do I need?
Doesn't matter. The only thing required is a connection to the internet. This is a cloud based membership website.

I don't know anything about logic books. Will this work for me?
Of course! No previous knowledge is needed. Everything you need to learn is explained in easy to consume video training.

Does this come with commercial rights?
Yes! Any puzzles or other content generated with Logic Puzzle Mastery comes with full commercial rights. Use in your books, printables, POD products, etc. Any wording you see about personal rights just refers to the software and the training videos.

Are the puzzles for kids? Are they too complex for kids?
The product comes with adult and child level puzzles. None of these are approriate for very young children. As an estimate the child level logic puzzles are appropriate for children 10 and older. Teens will be fine with the adult puzzles.

Are these large print?
No, the generated PDFs use a font size that is smaller than required for large print.

Can I sell these on Etsy?
Absolutely! Sell these wherever you wish. The output is PDF format - commonly found on Etsy as digital downloads.

Are there any upsells?
One upsell, with more puzzles. You will see the upsell offer after your purchase of this main product.

How does the software make these puzzles?
The software creates the grids for the logic puzzles - and within the grids are the categories you uploaded for your own puzzles. The remaining steps are to come up with the clues. There is training on how to do this. The other puzzle types in Logic Puzzle Mastery are completely hands off - the software does it all.

Will everyone end up with the same puzzles? Which could make a duplicate content problem?
No. The software either requires you to upload your own words, or generates unique puzzles. There is no duplication.

How can I get help or if I have more questions?
Click here to contact the support desk

Make your purchase decision wisely!

There is no promise, guarantee, or representation that you will make any money, or not lose money, as a result of using Logic Puzzle Mastery

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