June 14, 2022, 9am Eastern
On sale at Warrior Plus
50% Commission
$300 in cash prizes
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Let's not get too brainy about this one.

Logic puzzles are one of the most challenging puzzle types. You actually have to think your way around them. The people who do logic puzzles are addicted to them and can't get enough (trust me, I am one of them!)

But the problem has been that puzzle makers (like our customers) can't really create them. They are too complex, too slow, and too confusing.

Not anymore!

I've written software that creates the logic puzzles for you!

Full training shows how the software is used to create the logic puzzle and how to create the clues that are used with the puzzle.

FYI - these puzzles are for adults and kids alike!
Logic Puzzle Mastery

Earn 50% commission.

FE: $47.
   Logic Puzzles, Nonograms, Word Tetris, and Symbol Math. All software created. There are adult and kid levels of these puzzles.

Upsell 1: $37.
   Adds three additional puzzle types: Triple Guess, Magic Squares, and Sequence.


First prize: $150
Second prize: $100
Third prize: $50

You must earn at least the same amount in commissions as the prize money.
If not you will be paid an amount that equals the commissions you earned.

JV Info

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Selling points / angles
  • No one else has software that creates logic puzzles!
  • Create Amazon KDP books, printables for Etsy, sell as your own PLR
  • Everything is included. Full training, software
  • Proven track of vendor product success.